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Bammel’s Rules of modern Email Etiquette

1. Your email requires another busy person’s attention. Show respect by making it as easy and convenient as possible for them to respond. Suggest dates, provide contact details, draft wording, anything that makes life easier for them.

2. Never write anything that wouldn’t speak to your character or professionalism if printed in a newspaper

3. Cover only one subject per email

4. The subject line should start with the action required and be followed by the succinct topic (and a generous deadline for reports).

5. The subject line of a response email should, if possible, summarise your full response.

6. “Yes” or “Confirmed Tuesday Thanks [end of message]” in the subject line is an efficient way to end an administrative email thread.

7. Still: life is short, but long enough to be courteous and kind. Salute and sign off as the relationship allows. Find out how text expanders can make this a very efficient process.

8. Use numbered paragraphs. If you count three, consider another email, or an attached report.

9. CC and “fyi” is the mark of the person seeking cover. Assume no-one merely copied in will actually read the email.

10. If you want an email to be read, ask a question in the first line and give the necessary information in the numbered paragraphs below.

11. Blind copying is the mark of the office schemer. This time you are the blind copied recipient, next time, you may not be.

12. If you MUST send emails outside office hours, let others know that you only expect a response during appropriate hours. Any exception should be indicated in the subject line. Or just give the person a call, if it is that urgent.

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