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Examples of customisable lunchbreak briefings, webinars and workshops


Everything you ever wanted to know about productivity, time management and overcoming procrastination

We all want to be more productive. This workshop will condense what both science and the latest management literature teach us about getting things done. Focusing on 9 principal topics, more than 30 specific tips will be presented, discussed and explored.


Understanding and preventing mid-career depression

Professional face multiple pressures mid-career: career stress, growing children, aging parents, physical changes may all contribute to  a "perfect storm" that can develop into a full-blown burnout. This training focuses on the five key pressure points and points out ways of reducing stress and finding a new balance.


A guide for persons with ADHD, and their partners, teachers and employers

ADHD is much misunderstood. This training provides up to date scientific information on the symptoms of ADHD, how it manifests itself in different parts of life and what therapeutic options are available. It also provides simply practical tools to mitigate symptoms and help persons with ADD/ADHD succeed in life.

Acticademy Training: Projects
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