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You are a successful professional.


In the course of your career you have overcome many obstacles, faced many challenges , solved many problems.  

But you are  now facing  a crisis of a different calibre: It is a sudden change, a conflict, a professional shift with a whole new set of variables. And important consequences. Or you feel that a simmering slow-burning issue finally needs to be addressed. 


In any case, you know you need outside help. But is a coach really the best tool for the job? And why should you contact me?

About you


I love the mountains, the challenges of the outdoors.

I go there often: on foot, on skis, in a kayak.  And the mountains can be dangerous. So in unfamiliar terrain, in dangerous settings, or when I try something new, I hire a mountain guide. They know the area. They have been there before. I tell them where I want to go. They discuss routes and options, check tools and supplies, warn of risks, They join me on the way, share my struggles and, in the end, celebrate my successes. And make sure I stay safe along the way.

As a coach, that is how I see my role: I am your guide in new terrain. You determine the goal, we discuss the route, I am there with you when to going gets tough. I give you the confidence to move forward, one step at a time. And, in the end, we will take pride in the journey and where it took us.

About me

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My Services

Taking you to the next level

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My coaching approach:
Systemic coaching ... with a twist

In my coaching sessions I will draw you into deep and honest conversations that, with clarity and compassion, shed new light on your professional and personal challenges. Together we will move into a mental space that allows you to understand your situation more deeply and then focus on the future that you want. We will then explore the necessary,  effective and realistic actions for you to move forward.  As a result you will leave with new-found optimism, ready to take the next concrete steps with confidence. 

When making important career decisions I believe that fulfilling careers and rich lives are built on strengthening talents, not fretting about weaknesses. My straight talk and honest feedback help you find your inner strength and purpose. This makes our coaching relationship meaningful, effective and rewarding!

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Managing a career while dealing with cancer, multiple sclerosis or other life changing illnesses.

Beyond all medical issues, every serious illness has a professional and a personal dimension. What do my boss and colleagues need to know? How will this change career options? How do I find a new position? How do I manage the uncertainty that comes with any illness? How to process the changes this illness brings to my family and private relationships?  

My coaching will address professional and private issues that come with serious illnesses. It will restore your confidence and inner strength. It will give you hope. 

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Overcoming procrastination, finding focus and direction

Helping people with fast minds, high energy and boundless creativity be productive and happy

You're smart, you're enthusiastic, you have great ideas. But too often it's the simple and routine tasks that feel hard and draining and block the path to getting to where you want. Adults diagnosed with ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder/ Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) also face these kinds of problems.

Fast minds need to find their own solutions to maintain focus and maximise productivity. In me you will find an understanding and compassionate coach who "gets" ADHD, but will not let you off the hook because of it. My coaching helps you use your strengths to develop tools, work-arounds and routines to stay productive and end procrastination.

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Career Coaching

Do you want to find a new role or direction? Do you have to?

Getting into the perfect next position requires a special skill set that is distinct from your professional experience.  We will look into your personal values and aspirations to make sure your career direction is fully aligned with them. I will then help you develop an effective, efficient and targeted search strategy and support you in the application process. We will practice interviewing and prepare negotiations. I will advise you on your final selection and discuss optimal on-boarding to make sure the change is a success. 

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Merci pour votre envoi !

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Process and Pricing

I coach in English, German and French. 
I coach online, at your offices or in my cabinet,
or in a walk-and-talk format.

Session can be agreed for office hours or evenings,
and  can be moved with 48h notice.

Free First Consultation

Am I the right coach for you?

Following a short preparatory telephone conversation, in which we get to know each other, share the coaching topic and answer a few questions, we will schedule a first free coaching session.

At the end of that session we will both know whether coaching is right for you.

The preparatory call and first session are

free of charge.

Individual Sessions

Your first three sessions

If we agree toi continue after the first session, we will  jointly plan the further process. This will include a specific number of coaching sessions, but may also include specific training topics, mock interviews, role plays, exercises or document reviews. 




List Price for individual coaching sessions
without multi-session discount is
CHF 250;- 

Quarterly Retainer

Minimum 3 month engagement

We want to work together on your objectives for the longer term. Our relationship includes at on average two monthly interactive coaching sessions, arranged flexibly online, at your offices or my cabinet. The services may include further follow ups, check-ins, document reviewing and tool sharing customised to fit your needs. Whatever it takes to ensure the steps you take are achieving your goals


List price for a three monthly retainer is 

CHF 1200,- 

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